Thanksgiving When Your Backyard is on Fire

25mph winds brought down power lines in our backyard yesterday. One line sliced through a dead tree near our yard like a lightsaber, bringing flaming wood down into the yard. Leaves that the winds has collected against the fence were the perfect kindling.

My wife (who is much better in a crisis than I am) called me from work to inform me about these goings on before calling 911. I rushed home from work to find first responders calming going about the business of containing the fire (which was actively spreading to the neighbor’s property.

Our dog had been sniffing around the first downed power line before Joanna saw the situation and called her in. An officer later told me that line had enough voltage to vaporize on contact. In other words, we could’ve easily lost our pup, but we didn’t. Something to be thankful for.

Joanna just happened to be off from work and home with our son when she saw the lines coming down. If she hadn’t been there to call emergency services, who knows how quickly the fire would’ve spread in the high winds. No one was hurt and our home didn’t burn. Something to be thankful for.

As a result of the downed lines, we lost power to the house. My in-laws took us in while my dad and brother took turns taking care of the dog while we were away. And I’m told we have power again. Family is something to be thankful for.

As a nice cherry on top, my parents gave me my late Grandmom’s typewriter and I am loving it. Grace to be thankful for.

Not every year brings something as dramatic as a fire on Thanksgiving eve. But every morning does bring new mercies, should we have eyes to see them. Wishing you and yours a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!